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  • Equipment Sales and Services

    At Colony Coffee & Tea we pride ourselves on our after sales service. With trained service techs in Regina & Saskatoon, we are able to offer our service throughout Saskatchewan. We understand how important well maintained equipment is to your business. Espresso machines, and coffee brewers are the heart of any Café or Coffee house which is why they need to be operational at all times in order for your business to run smoothly.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why buy from Colony Coffee? 

    We sell 95% of our equipment locally in Saskatchewan to customers that we spend time to get to know on a personal level. We always test our equipment, deliver it, and install. We also will provide training services to you, and your staff on how to use & care for the equipment. 

    Do you service equipment that is not sold by Colony Coffee?

    Yes, we are trained to repair almost all commercial espresso machines, we even stock some of the most vital parts for many makes of machines. 

    Do you service machines anywhere on site?

    Yes, our techs are on the road frequently. The most efficient work is done in our shop which saves you money. To service on site you incure mileage & time on the road. Many out of town customers will bring in machines for efficient repairs. We can even loan a machine to you if it will take a few days to repair. 

    What if my machine is totally down?

    90% of our in city priority calls are complete in 4 hours. We have a large selection of inventory of parts for all machines we service and in the worst situations we can loan you equipment so you can keep your operation going without delay. 

    Why not buy online, I have seen some good prices?

    I think you know the answer to this. Often the price is not everything, sometimes they have additional costs such as freight or processing. It is also important to remember that at Colony Coffee we will deliver, install & train you on your equipment. We also do not charge for fittings & hoses, and we will not leave until your machine is working to your expectations. We are there for our customers with any problems or questions. 

    Why should I buy equipment from Colony Coffee?

    We always tell people to do their research, ask other operator's if possible what questions to ask of a supplier. More often then not, operator's say buy from someone that has been around and knows their products. Colony Coffee has been in business for 30 years, we get to know our customers face to face and take pride in getting the right equipment for them. 

    Do you rent or lease equipment?

    Yes, we can rent equipment. Many customers will rent equipment in order for them to see if it will be profitable. Renting allows you to test the market without the larger outlay of capital. We will install equipment & train staff; our only requirement is that rental is a minimum of 3 months. If you wish to lease equipment we can provide you with a contract for a good leasing company upon request. 

    Do I need to use filtered water on my espresso machine?

    Yes, we highly reccommend the use of a scale reduction filter on all espresso machines. If the machine is sold to you by Colony Coffee we will include it at no additional charge. Mineral build up is responsible for 90% of the repairs we see in Saskatchewan. A good scale reduction system like the Procon EM2 or EM4 we sell will greatly reduce mineral build ups. 


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